06/15/21 The bluefin tuna are biting strong at the 390 and 371. Most of the action has been on early morning flat fall bites and during the day on sinker rigs. The fish in these areas are mixed and have been between 50 to 200 lbs. Tight Lines!

06/29/2021 The bluefin tuna bite has been steady on the 371 and 302 and on a direct line from the 302 to the South Coronado Island. There has been a mixed school covering this area with fish ranging from 50 lbs to over 200 lbs. The fish are still active on sardines delivered by sinker rig at the depth of metered marks. Use a heavier torpedo sinker to get your bait in the zone under strong current conditions. DG

07/06/2021 bluefin schools are spread out from the southern end in between the 425 and the 101 and up the line in the area of the ridge, corner and out to the 43. Still mixed fish in these schools and in addition to foamers these fish have been aggressive and not very line or boat shy! Have fun. DG